What Are The Benefits Of Paid Posts Or Boosting On Facebook?


The ability to target a specific audience.

While boosting, Facebook will allow you to choose a target audience. This is extremely helpful because you have many options here. You can hone in on what area you want to target, age range, locations, what their “interests” and “behaviors” are based on their Facebook profile. For example: you can target business owners in the greater Tampa Bay area… That might just be how you came across this ad yourself. Cool right?


Maximum Visibility.

You want your posts to be seen, that’s the point of posting them. But how much engagement are you really getting without boosting? 1 or 2 likes here and there? Paid ads can allow you to reach hundreds or thousands of people and give you an incredible engagement return.


Organic results are slim to none. 

As mentioned above, you’re probably only getting as many engagements on your posts as you can count on your fingers. Well that’s because the percentage of people who like your page can also be counted on your fingers. And take note, that’s only people who like your page who are seeing your posts. You want to expand your audience and boosting helps with that greatly.

There’s still a small consensus out there that Facebook isn’t a good place to put your marketing budget. This is absolutely false and we at Azure can vouch for that over and over again. Being able to reach a very specific target audience is key for getting a good ROI.