Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Partnerships

Your business has a unique vision and specific set of goals integrated with your plans for growth and success. At Azure, we partner with you to create and execute a successful digital marketing plan that will align with your unique vision and specific set of goals. We will work closely with you to understand which marketing tactics will deliver the best results and create custom campaigns that fit within your budget and map to your expected return on investment. It is a partnership that involves all of us working as a team to give you a clear competitive advantage in online marketing.

Online Marketing Services

Strategy Development

Azure Digital will hold strategy sessions in order to determine goals and measurable conversion successes as part of the ongoing partnership.

It All Starts With A Great Strategy

We can help you with everything from ROI modeling to better understanding how your business dynamics translate online.

Search Marketing

From SEO to Paid Search campaigns, we help connect with target audiences by sending the right signals to search engines with keyword-focused content.

Search Engine Optimization + Paid Search Marketing

We work with you to set up, manage, track, and report on all of your campaigns. We produce optimized data that is readable and actionable to drive strong ROI.

Social Media Management

Azure Digital will increase engagement with fans on your behalf. We will recommend topics and leverage current trends to increase engagement.

Never-Ending Friending

We will help promote specific events, grow your following, and illicit action on behalf of the audience. We will also aggregate relevant content and post at a predefined frequency to increase online followers.

Analytics + Reporting

We have Analytics expertise to ensure that your user tracking is accurate and that agreed metrics are in place to monitor progress towards your lead and sales goals.

Monthly Live Review

We hold monthly meetings with your key decision makers, by phone or in-person, to review progress and recommendations for continued marketing investment. Meetings typically take an hour and are held between the 5th and 15th of each month.


  • Online Strategy Definition
  • SEO + SEM
  • Paid Search Advertising 
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) 
  • Google + Bing Advertising 
  • Facebook + Twitter Advertising 
  • Social Media Campaigns 
  • Content Production + Marketing 
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Display + Banner Advertising
  • Re-marketing Campaigns 
  • Analytics + Reporting 
  • Video Production + Promotion
  • YouTube Videos 
  • Lead Generation 
  • Marketing Automation

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