151% Social Media Fundraising Success

Friends of Joshua House Foundation Social Media campaign success

Committed to Caring for Victimized Children

Friends of Joshua House Foundation Inc. is the founding and fundraising entity for Joshua House, a therapeutic residential group home for abused, abandoned, and neglected children who have been removed from their homes.  This five-home safe haven located in the Tampa Bay area helps heal and enrich the lives of victimized children, preserve sibling groups, and through individualized support provide a protected, nurturing, family-like environment for each child served.

Social Media Campaign Strategy for Competitive, “Give Day Tampa Bay” Event 

The annual Tampa Bay area “Give Day” charitable giving event offers 500 small and large non-profit entities a focused opportunity to  attract donations from individual and corporate communities.

Friends of Joshua House Foundations’ goals for the event were to:

  • Increase donation dollars from the previous year
  • Significantly extend the base of current donors

Detailed assessments were made of target donation audiences, both individuals and businesses. Based on this, specific infrastructure, logistics, and messaging were created, and the best media was selected to launch the campaign.

Audience Targeting

Target groups included:

  • Individuals residing in the Tampa Bay area who currently donate to national children’s causes
  • Philanthropically interested and/or active men and women based on analysis of social behaviors, especially a proclivity to donate locally
  • Executives of companies operating in the Tampa Bay area

Selected Media

Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram were selected as the best channels to reach the optimal target audiences for the campaign. Engagement, specific timing of the Give Day Tampa Bay event, and budget constraints were pivotal elements of the social media campaign strategy.

Access Friends of Joshua House live social media profiles here:

Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

Current fans and followers received invitations and promotions to a Facebook event created for the Give Day Tampa Bay drive by Friends of Joshua House.

A multiple-post social media calendar was designed and scheduled to underscore the urgency of timing until and during donation day of the event.  Social recognition publicity and links for business donors during and as close to the event as possible were planned and implemented.

Experience and Donation Action Logistics:

Joshua House image and video content was curated to create the right messaging and series of posts.

Hashtags #donatejoshua and #givedayTB2017 were designated to promote social reach and trending and used in all campaign social media engagement.

Specific Give Day web landing pages were reviewed and revitalized for an easy and pleasant visitor-to-donor experience flow.

The branded domain name, DonateJoshua.com, was secured to enable instant access to donations landing pages, and for accurate tracking.  The domain is actionable, specific, branded and is recyclable for the charity’s future funding event needs.  Redirect planning provides continuity by taking traffic to the Friends of Joshua House main website donation page after and in-between campaign dates.

Campaign Post Clips:

Social Media Campaign Strategy for Friends of Joshua House

Give Day Social Media Campaign for Freinds of Joshua House Foundation Post Clip

Give Day Social Media Campaign video post for Friends of Joshua House

SOcial Media Campaign drove 151% results for Friends of Joshua House Foundation

SOcial Media Campaign yeilds donations 51% above Goal for Freinds of Joshua House Foundation

Donations Exceeded Goal by 51% 

The Give Day Tampa Bay campaign for Friends of Joshua House was a record success, delivering these specific results:

  • 51% Over Goal in Direct Donations Raised
  • 43% New Donor Giving
  • FOJH Fundraising Results Ranked 7th (of 300) small and 13th (of 202) large local non-profit organizations participating in the event.


Client Comments:

“This campaign was extremely successful! What we really enjoyed was reaching new donors, and growing our support base.

Give Day campaign funds have significantly increased the life enrichment of children we serve.  Specifically, the success of this campaign enabled healthier quality of food, improved quality of living space, including furniture, bedding, lighting, and created the comforts of home, that so many of us take for granted, but had been lost by the children who come to us.”

– DeDe Grundel
Executive Director
Friends of Joshua House Foundation