Instagram has become more than just a platform to share glamorous pictures and tasty dishes. In the business world, it serves as a convenient space to showcase your achievements, market yourself and allow followers (and potential clients) to view the internal side of your business in a more creative and attractive way. 

For those who are looking for some inspiration and a chance to learn a few things to apply to their own accounts, we have compiled a list of marketing agencies who we believe excel at developing visually appealing feeds.

Huge (hugeinc)

As you scroll through their Instagram, you immediately see how visually attractive it is. Their high-quality posts range from pictures of the team members and funny snaps of a regular day at the office to graphic design inspiration. Followers can get a glance of what the interior of a top Chicago agency looks like. Their feed serves as an excellent source of inspiration and you can learn a thing or two you can apply to your business’s Instagram.

Azure (azuredigital)

This one-of-a-kind Instagram account has a very attractive feed. Their imaginative pictures, which clearly show that a lot of thinking goes behind, are a clear sign of what they can do for your business’s website. This digital marketing agency also focuses on developing creative digital advertising, video editing and many more. Its number of followers keeps increasing everyday so they must be doing something right. By giving them a follow, you will get a preview of all the creative work the agency is doing.

Ustwo (ustwo)

This digital product studio has worked with brands like Adidas and Google, but they like to keep things personal. You will see many people along their feed, which is nice because followers get a chance to put faces behind a big company like this. Scroll down through their feed for funny internet memes and to see many creative pictures, how they showcase their work and even host some birthdays at their office.

BSTRO (creativebstro)

Give this digital marketing agency a follow for a sneak-peak behind the scenes. Followers can take a look at their latest projects, events, lunch spots and more. The company also likes to share their perspectives and company’s culture by regularly posting about their support of diversity and gender equality. This is a fun, creative and inclusive company whose Instagram is definitely worth following.

Anomaly (Anomaly)

Named Agency of the Year in 2017, this LA based ad agency is worth a follow. Their colorful posts, clients’ campaigns, and pictures of their seven offices located around the world will make you want to give them a few Likes. They market themselves as a friendly place to work at, embracing diversity and cultural differences and give their followers an intimate look into how employees work at a successful ad agency.

BBDO (bbdosf)

This San Francisco ad agency’s Instagram reflects the company’s identity. From pictures of their team’s creative process, to their “furry employees”, this pet-friendly office certainly looks a place you would want to work at. Or at least have an Instagram feed that looks like theirs. BBDO likes letting their followers see the people that work daily at their office. Their high-quality content speaks for itself.