1. Have a clear concise text. This may seem obvious, but we come across so many websites where it’s hard to determine exactly what the business offers due to poor writing. We live in a world of fast information. People need to be able to understand what you’re offering them within seconds or you may lose a sale.


  1. Have your website done by a professional. If you want to take the time to learn and create a DIY that’s great. But if you find yourself reaching limitations don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional. Your website is likely how most of your new customers will hear about you or go to find out more about you. As mentioned before, if people don’t like what they see, they will move on within seconds.


  1. Pick a designer whos work you like. There are a lot of people claiming expert web design status out there. Nothing backs up that statement more than a portfolio. Ask to see at least 5 websites they have done in the past. Especially ones that are closely related to your industry.


  1. Rich Content. That means high quality, photo video and logos. If you have these but they are old and at all blurry, get everything redone. Having high quality media and a nice looking logo is crucial to catching peoples attention and making them interested.


  1. Solid mobile version. Treat your mobile site with the same amount of importance as your desktop version when it comes to design. Believe it or not, more users on mobile devices will likely come to your site than users on desktop.